Read this article and discover the 3 best B2B ecommerce websites, as well as, their ultimate secrets of growth, development, and success!

B2B Ecommerce

There is no doubt that the B2B online retailers have been experiencing a success due to the active migration of wholesalers and manufacturers to online ecommerce platforms. According to the latest research, analysts have predicted that revenue, generated by all B2B ecommerce websites is expected to reach more than $6.7 trillion in sales by 2020.

With almost 50% of the B2B customers claiming they want work-related purchases on Business-to-customer websites, there is simply no other option for B2B ecommerce websites to adapt as soon as they can. To adapt and offer their customers an unforgettable online shopping experience.

This is far from an easy task. The B2B ecommerce is a lot more complicated than a B2C model, especially when it comes to high order volumes and fluctuating prices. The point is that there are really successful B2B online businesses and for those businesses, there are rich rewards in store.

Allow us to help you by presenting you the key features of B2B ecommerce websites and how should they server visitors and potential customers. We are going to present you the best B2B ecommerce websites and their ultimate secrets of success.


Before we present you the best ecommerce websites, let’s see how do we define the best examples in ecommerce.

When it comes to successful B2B ecommerce websites, it is all about the design, functionality, and features. This is what every B2B ecommerce website should have:

B2B eCommerce Platform for Your Business

  • Personalized functionality
  • Customizable contracts and pricing
  • Multiple users option for user groups to offer the entire purchases department and access to their needs.
  • Interaction or user engagement with a website forum or a social media platform
  • Bulk and scheduled ordering from loyal customers
  • Integrations for impeccable user experience


If you analyze the best B2B ecommerce websites and their practices you will discover:

  • Easy reached tools or filters and features that can be used for comparison
  • Call to action buttons that attract attention on every web page
  • User-friendly website with autocomplete images, features, and listings of similar items
  • Simple navigation
  • Product visualizations

Ecommerce Websites

While there are a lot of B2B ecommerce websites that mainly focus on generation, it is really difficult to find powerful B2B companies examples that get the right balance of design and functionality. However, those that get it right are using the fundamentals, as well as, the advantages of great design such as appealing layout, logical navigation, and user-friendly search option.

  1. Danish Water Technology – This is a water pipeline infrastructure system solution for different facilities and households. This incredible website has become an indicator of the ambition of Denmark to discover and develop cheaper, better, and more efficient ways to handle and maintain water technologies.
  2. ACME – This is a very popular packaging provider for logistics operators and worldwide shippers. Every photo, color, and piece of content on their official website can provoke an emotional comment from shoppers. The yellow animations automatically turn into headlines and then change beautifully on a dark gray background. Stunning layout and high-quality product photos are amazing and showcase their products, as well as, their services effectively.
  3. Firerock – This is a company that provides timeless, classic building elements for custom homes and makes amazing use of photography to present its products. Their website is simple and light and it seamlessly combines business with pleasure.

B2B Ecommerce Solutions

If you are looking for an inspiration, just check out these amazing B2B ecommerce websites and discover what is it that is so special about them. They are a great example of how a successful ecommerce site should look like today.